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Southern ITS International, Inc. is announcing that it has signed an MOU with DSI, INC (Datacom)

LAS VEGAS, NV-(November 13, 2013) – Southern ITS International, Inc. (PINKSHEETS SITS), announced today that it has signed a MOU (memorandum of Understanding ) for a partnership agreement with DSI, Inc., also known as Datacom. Datacom is a Network Infrastructure Supplier with one of the most advanced technical knowledge and engineering services for the G-PON (Gigabit Passive Optical Networks) Technology.

The definition of disruptive is “causing disruption.” Disruption is defined as “to throw into turmoil or disorder.” When applied to technology, the term disruptive technology is used to describe a technology that challenges and obsoletes a previously accepted norm. GPON, or Gigabit Passive Optical Networks does exactly that to IT infrastructures for companies across the globe. It has already had that effect with telecommunications carriers. Just like the gasoline engines forever changed how vehicles were powered, GPON is in the process of doing the same for IT infrastructure.

Compared to a similarly sized legacy copper active Ethernet LAN project, GPON can save up to 70% of the capital cost. In addition, GPON provides savings on recurring costs such as power and support of up to 80%, and GPON can save up to 90% on the space. On technology refresh projects where cable upgrades are planned, a GPON solution can save up to 35% on the capital costs with savings on power and space that are similar to new installation projects, providing a green technology and freeing up valuable real estate for alternatives uses.

Jason Bell, Chief Executive Officer of Southern ITS International, Inc, noted, “We are very excited to bring this revolutionary technology to our clients. We are about to launch a marketing campaign that will bring the gaming industry up to date with current network needs at lower cost. We believe that should be a hit for the gaming industry“.

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Southern ITS International, Inc. is committed to the mission of providing total systems integration projects by maintaining cost effectiveness while providing high end voice, data, surveillance and audio/visual systems. We are represented throughout the world by leading individuals within the digital surveillance and IT integration industry. We are providing a digital video recording solution and integrating our technological solutions with other existing systems, which results in a significant capital savings for our clients. The Company is positioned to be a leading force in this business sector.

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