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Electronic Security

sitssecuritySouthern ITS is committed to the mission of providing total systems integration while maintaining cost effectiveness and providing the highest quality of surveillance, access control, network infrastructure available. We are represented throughout the world by leading individuals within the digital surveillance and IT integration industry.

Today, we are one of the leading forces in helping high compliance market segments such as gaming, correctional and more to make the move to a digital video recording solution and integrating our solutions with other features of your business.

We’ve succeeded to ease the burden of this type of major investment by offering systems that work off the facility’s current analog matrix while ensuring all the superior benefits and efficiencies of a digital recording system. Furthermore we’ve enhanced the usefulness of such a powerful upgrade. From our Fail Over protection to tablet enabled live monitoring; our offering puts you in the winner’s circle for a comprehensive risk management strategy.

Our goal is to be your one source for all of your video surveillance needs whether that is consulting and management, complete systems, or quality surveillance hardware. Every employee at Southern ITS boasts an extensive background within the security industry and is ready to deliver the parts, service, and experience you need to get the job done right. Contact us today for a free consultation on how we can best service your needs.

In addition to our hardware and software offerings, we also offer full solutions that alleviate the monumental tasks of installing and servicing a powerful security solution.


The benefits of systems integration can produce efficiency in overhead costs such as time-savings and cost-savings that will not only justify your investment, but also allow for cost-effective expansion and upgrades.

True systems integration can only be successfully implemented with in-depth knowledge about technology trends, system architecture, as well as older technology currently utilized. In addition, design and implementation experience is required to develop an integration plan that will avoid pitfalls that will diminish your return on investment.

Southern ITS uses its expert knowledge and experience to bring the power of
integration to your benefit. Instead of multiple systems comprising CCTV, access control, and fire alarms – One.  Instead of multiple employee databases and phone  systems – One.  Suddenly, new possibilities arise where only challenges stood before.

With our combined experience of over 70 years, Southern ITS and its team has the capacity to lead you through each and every step required for the complete design and installation of all network systems.

Many organizations’ facility security resembles a patchwork of various, independent systems than invariably detract from the overall effectiveness of the system. Surveillance cameras may be part analog and part digital, each kind on their own independent system requiring a different knowledge base for each system. Access Control may be independent of the surveillance monitoring systems or may even consist of stand-alone units for each door. Fire alarms may also reside on another monitoring systems. Many times deficiencies in a patchwork of security measures are not realized until it is too late.

Thankfully, Southern ITS has over three decades of combined experience providing security integration services for facilities large and small. Designing, specifying, installing, training, and even monitoring with our managed services brings fire, access control, and video surveillance all into one system, viewable from a single monitor or tablet or cell phone for real-time reporting and response to effectively document, record, and most importantly – mitigate problems before they start.

Is your hardware considered ancient technology? The idea of ripping out your existing analog system is not only very impractical, it is extremely cost prohibitive. With an integrated security system designed and install from Southern ITS, your analog surveillance matrix can remain in place. Our new playback software makes archiving and video data retrieval easier and more efficient compared to existing VCR surveillance systems.

At Southern ITS we carry over 35 brands of cameras, analog and digital equipment. Our strategic leading hardware partners such allow us to not only help with your conversion to digital, we also service your existing cameras and analog systems. Commitment to technology has us on the forefront of IP cameras, integration to access control and player management software solutions.

Southern ITS Security Integration software benefits and features:

  • Integrate access control, digital video and intrusion
  • Manage cardholders through multiple locations
  • Real-time alarm/event monitoring
  • CCTV control interface
  • Schedule guard tours
  • Elevator control
  • Content-sensitive help screens
  • Dynamic floor plans
  • 64-bit and 32-bit supported operating systems