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Secure Auditable Cash Transaction Systems

greenioskthumbGreeniosk secure auditable cash transaction systems is a complete system that includes software and hardware to provide a close loop auditable track for business dealing mainly with cash payment and debit/credit. Greeniosk was designed to work in the cannabis industry (seed to payment), gaming for advance credit card and large events that serve food, alcohol and beverages.

SITS is marketing a new automated way to eliminate the interaction of employees and cash payment with the “Greeniosk”, an automatic teller that can receive cash and print a secure encrypted bar code to a client that will then be presented for payment at marijuana dispensaries. Get more information and details here

We specialize in the integration of electronic security equipment and systems. Our marketing and sales strategy has always based on strong needs that seem to be answered inadequately from specific industry suppliers. In this case our experience with this new dynamic industry that is the Medical Marijuana and the Recreational Marijuana dispensaries which demonstrate a tremendous challenge that these dispensaries are faced with and that few companies have addressed.

greeniosk-for-real[1]This challenge is the management of client payments that is almost exclusively in the form of cash and/or debit card payments. “Greeniosks” are kiosks cash payment ATMS that solve this issue!

The management of cash payments represent a MAJOR risk for marijuana dispensary employees since cash is bound to attract the attention of thieves, thereby exposing employees to violent incidents. For the dispensary owner it also represents a liability risk from a hold-up situation and also for internal theft.

The Greeniosk voucher system takes actual cash out of the equation for the medical marijuana dispensary owner!

SITS is marketing a new automated way to eliminate the interaction of employees and cash payment with the “Greeniosk”. The Greeniosk is an automated teller that can receive cash (in any denomination 1, 5,10, 20, 50 or 100 dollar bills) and in return prints a secure, encrypted bar coded coupon for the client that is presented for payment at the dispensary for the desired merchandise.

This process eliminates the direct contact from the employee with the cash and assures the Dispensary Management of a secure and controlled payment method.

The “Greeniosk” system also provides a level of compliance with the state laws that create a unique audit trail of cash received and is also a fortified safe that cannot be easily broken into, keeping all the money safe until the cash is moved to another secure location.

Visit the official “Greeniosk” website here